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Redefining water transportation in Africa

Sierra Craft Limited is a boat builder specialized in the building of passenger boats. Our model options include the tried and tested monohulls and catamarans suitable for use as water taxis and ferries on inland and coastal waterways. In our 11 acre factory site in Lagos established in 2018, we produce boats that make sense for use in African waters. These boats were designed with features to meet the Safety, Comfort, and Speed requirement checklist of passengers, and the Durability, fuel Efficiency and Ease of Operation checklist of the operator. Our boats are built with cored composite construction techniques, using special polyester resin and stitched fabrics like biaxial/ quadraxial materials. The essence of our production component choice is to reduce boat weight, increase strength to ensure energy efficiency.

Our mission is to produce commercial passenger boats that make sense to all at a reasonable price.

To redefining water transportation in Africa

Safety, Environment-Friendly, Comfortable, Fuel-Efficient, Durability, Easy to use and fast

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